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There are no bad team members, rather members badly located within that team. Productivity is the essential part of any business to develop and achieve its goals therefore the company must ensure that the members of your team have the appropriate profile to support their skills, knowledge and experience -among others- to assume and properly perform their role within the organization.

The so-called "head hunting" service is the ideal tool to compliment the profile of each candidate through a process of recruitment, selection, filters, personalized interviews and analysis of their personality we offer you, our clients, a transparent and timely service that supports the final decision of the organization about who to integrate into their teams.


It offers many advantages and one of them is that it serves as an extension of your administrative department, taking charge of the process that involves everything from the calculation to the payment of the payroll for your work team, plus acquiring the legal and labor commitments that this entails.


We assign an account executive to keep in contact with the contracting company and monitor the performance of the hired personnel.


Applies for permanent, temporary and project personnel.


This offers great relief for the processes within your HR department.  The time this frees up on your calendar can then be used for other department activities such as strategic planning, work environment, unions, etc.


The products need to be known by their clients and one of the final processes involves a spokesperson who can properly communicate their advantages, benefits, promotions, packages, etc.

One of the most used resources and that shows good results in the medium and long term is that of demonstrators and promoters in strategically selected points of sale where the target market of each product or service can be addressed.


For this, there must be in parallel adequate control meaning the progress of each project must be verified consisting of inventory reports, approaches, photographs, sampling, among others that in turn are provided by the client for evaluation to make strategic decisions to achieve the objective of the project.


The traits that are not so easily observed in a personal interview and that are an essential part of the personality of each candidate can be decisive for their performance in the work team they are about to join.


Psychological evaluations are a method that helps to identify with much easier this type of traits that together can contribute to the decision making crucial for our clients.

Attached a strict program of application, evaluation, analysis and interpretation of the different batteries that can be applied in the organizational levels we guarantee to deliver a tool of complete utility and veracity for the hiring of a candidate.


The veracity of the information that each candidate provides is something very important for each company and that always seeks to obtain it in the best way and above all that it is handled in strict confidentiality.


In addition to conducting a home visit to each candidate and obtain relevant information such as documentation, financial information, family and social environment, among others. It ensures that our clients will obtain confidential information from each candidate, as well as an analysis of our perspective as Human Resources professionals that add value to this service. Being that it can be used at any business level, it is a tool that could complement very well the history and veracity of each candidate. All this is handled with absolute confidentiality towards the client, ensuring the stability of the personnel within the organization.


In order to complement the processes of continuous improvement in your company or on a personal level, Grupo Relsa organizes Courses in Monterrey in its facilities and with collaborators throughout the Metropolitan area. These courses in Monterrey address different administrative issues, personal and legal improvement among others, with highly qualified personnel in the topics, accessible and comfortable facilities.